Replacing Silver Fillings During a Smile Makeover

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A smile makeover has one major goal: to improve the appearance of the teeth and, by extension, the entire face. Smile makeovers achieve this by correcting both minor and major dental flaws. For the person with near-perfect teeth, a smile makeover could be as simple as teeth whitening or a set of veneers. For the person with missing, chipped and decayed teeth, a smile makeover is an intensive undertaking that requires several procedures.

One such procedure is the replacement of silver fillings with tooth-colored alternatives. Is there any benefit to replacing silver fillings? While on the subject of upsides, do smile makeovers have a purpose other than aesthetics?

The oral health benefits of a smile makeover

Actually, smile makeovers are often beneficial to oral health. More often than not, cosmetic dentistry has the dual purpose of correcting a dental problem while improving the appearance of the teeth. Smile makeovers can also help to:

  • Improve a patient’s bite while creating a straight set of teeth
  • Replace missing teeth, which ensures the health of the jaw and the remaining teeth
  • Protecting weakened teeth with restorations like crowns, while improving the look of said teeth at the same time

This shortlist demonstrates that cosmetic dentists perform the same kinds of restorative dental procedures as regular dentists perform. Including the placement and replacement of dental fillings. What are the cosmetic and oral health benefits of replacing silver fillings?

When do cosmetic dentists replace silver fillings?

Amalgam or silver fillings have a dark, metallic color that stands out in stark contrast to the teeth they sit in. That is why many people who want smile makeovers request tooth-colored fillings that match their teeth. A cosmetic dentist will recommend the replacement of silver fillings if:

  • The filling shows signs of aging or looseness
  • The patient has a history of tooth decay, which could go unnoticed in an x-ray because of the presence of metal in the teeth
  • When the dentist detects decay beneath or around the filling
  • The patient wants fillings that look better and more natural
  • The silver filling is on a front tooth

A cosmetic dentist will recommend the replacement of silver fillings if any one of these conditions is true. That being said, if a patient has healthy molars with sound fillings, the dentist may suggest that the patient keep the amalgam fillings. They will base this advice on a few considerations.

The case for retaining silver fillings

A cosmetic dentist is all about aesthetics, but the long-term health of the teeth still comes first. Take the case of a molar with a large cavity and a perfectly functional silver filling. In this situation, replacing the amalgam filling with a tooth-colored filling may do more harm than good. The reason is that silver fillings are tougher than composite fillings, making them a safer choice when it comes to larger cavities.

If the patient insists on improving the appearance of the tooth, then the cosmetic dentist will recommend a sturdy alternative like an inlay, an overlay or some other form of indirect filling.

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