Dental Implant Crown Material Options

Dental implants have become very popular in recent years both for reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry needs. Because of the ease in having them inserted and their quality and durability, more people have continued having the operation completed.

Are dental crowns used with implants?

Although it may sound like two separate procedures, and many times it is, many people have the question about if dental crowns are used with implants. The answer is that yes, they are!

After a dental implant is inserted and fastened into the jawbone of the patient, the next step is putting on the ‘cap’ that will be attached to the post of the implant. After this part is fastened with the permanent crown, the dental implant procedure is completed. In all aspects, the dental crown is one of the most important parts of having dental implants. If not for that, there would only be a metal post present instead of a tooth!

What are dental crowns made from?

Dental crowns can be constructed and made from a few different materials. It is vital that the material is durable and can withstand the force of chewing and fight off the many staining properties that can be in someone's mouth.

There are quite a few different materials that can be used for constructing a dental crown and can include the following:

Stainless steel

Stainless steel crowns are built and can be placed on a tooth or dental implant post. However, these crowns made from the steel are not constructed to be the permanent crown that would be used. Either for a dental implant or a crown that will be placed on a person’s tooth permanently. The material is not strong enough for continued use for years.


Crowns made of metal can be made from different metals including alloys, golds, and platinum. Because of their strength, these metal crowns can last the longest and have no issue withstanding the force of chewing and biting.

These crowns made from these materials rarely chip or break. They are great in resilience and are great for front and back teeth, too!

All ceramic or all-porcelain

Dental crowns made from all ceramic or all-porcelain provide a better match to the coloring of someones natural tooth. Because of this they will rarely be spotted in someone's mouth and will look just like their other natural teeth.


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